M.K.B. Graham is a freelance writer of book-length historical and literary fiction, short stories, non-fiction and feature.

The author’s work has appeared in:
Virginia Living magazine
Shenandoah Living magazine
Madison magazine
Virginia Tech magazine
Daily News-Record
Roanoke Times
Live Oak Review

Graham is author of the following books:
The Snow Cloister
Macey Glory
Sky's Hollow
Madison Century (primary author)
Bradfords at Midday (in progress)

Graham has authored the following short stories:
The Gabriel Ladder
Shelby Delawder Gets Her Wish
Tea with Shana
Lickladder Hill
My Brother’s Universe
Flying South by Sundown
NASA Engineers Began This Way
Howard's War
Dirt and Silver
Beaten Biscuits (creative non-fiction)

To contact the author: mkbgraham@gmail.com